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What can you do with the abacus?

With a tool like the abacus, children achieve wonders

The Abacus method is a unique educational approach, which improves students from their very basic knowledge of numbers to mastering mental arithmetic. This process is much easier and quicker with the help of the ancient wonder tool Abacus.

The tool Abacus was in use centuries before the adoption of written modern numeral system. Abacus calculation is an ancient art and is an asset for parents, teachers and of course students as this ancient art has survived the onslaught of time.

The abacus consists of beads and rods where each bead denotes a value. The basic function of the Abacus is to turn the numeric concept from abstract into visible, touchable and moveable beads. The two key processes in the Abacus method is ‘Number transformation’ which is the process of turning the written numeric concept into beads and ‘bead interpretation’ is the process where the image of beads is transformed into numbers.

The Abacus method of learning arithmetic makes it possible for children from the age of four to be able to learn numbers through images of the Abacus.

By moving the beads systematically a child can solve complex arithmetic problems. However, the benefit of the abacus does not stop there; it takes them a step forward and helps them to perform the calculations mentally on a virtual abacus much faster than a calculator or a computer.

The purpose of learning abacus mental arithmetic is to evade the usage of Abacus and perform calculations by simply interpreting the beads in mind, which removes the fear of maths and makes it a fun to learn subject.