Play Way Method (Learning With a Device - ABACUS) - Easily Understandable (even by a 4 year old child) - Fixed Level Durations to Complete the couse - No Repetition - Only 10-20 Minutes home practice everyday - Structured Syllabus & Course Materials - Assured Improvement - Special Stream for Children Below 6 Year old


U C MAS UK started its career in 2005 with an aim to provide a strong mathematical foundation to children in the UK. Since then it has been operating study centres in different locations in the UK and have trained 1000’s of children in the Abacus way of Mental arithmetic helping them to strengthen their mathematical foundation to perform effectively in school and achieve an overall academic excellence.

The National status of U C MAS UK is recognised by more than 6 National competitions it has conducted and the championships it has won in the international competition held at Malaysia.