Play Way Method (Learning With a Device - ABACUS) - Easily Understandable (even by a 4 year old child) - Fixed Level Durations to Complete the couse - No Repetition - Only 10-20 Minutes home practice everyday - Structured Syllabus & Course Materials - Assured Improvement - Special Stream for Children Below 6 Year old

Our community speaks…

You’ve heard what others have to say about our programme, now hear what our community has to say

I am very satisfied with the U C MAS mental arithmetic program. My sons Kishan (aged 9) and Rahul (aged 7) started the programme in January 2009 and now Kishan is on level 8 and Rahul is on level 6, it has helps their learning capacities greatly, it has enabled my son’s confidence to not only grow but soar. I’m amazed by his numerical skills since I enrolled him in U C MAS. They now understand the importance of time management, numbers and their concentration in everyday activities and school homework has really helped. My boys are both active children and this programme has definitely helped in their concentration, memory, speed and accuracy. The staffs are brilliant and their commitment shows. Using the Abacus has helped my children in their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers. I am very glad I have enrolled them and I know these learnt skills will come in use to them throughout their life.

Dipti, Naker (U C MAS parent

I am very impressed with my son Yathieesan’s progress in Maths. He is faster than anybody in his class and even me. He is very good especially in Mental Math. He can think more logically than other kids. He has scored the highest marks in Maths for KS1 SAT paper. He sits in a higher class for his Maths lessons in school due to his incredible speed and accuracy in arithmetic. U C MAS has given him a good foundation for Maths. After he joined U C MAS, he is enjoying Maths. U C MAS helps him to shine in his school. U C MAS classes have given him more speed, concentration and listening skills, which has helped him to achieve an overall academic excellence. I am really pleased with my son’s progress. Thank you U C MAS and the teachers.

Yathieesan’s parent

Being a U C MAS graduate, it has been almost 5 years since I actually sat down to practice abacus, however, these past few weeks I have been practicing about 10 sums or so using the abacus and it has shown a significant difference in my everyday performance at school and home. Rather than just a tool for attaining efficient mathematical solutions, abacus is also a tool, which when practiced every morning, stimulates, warms up and gets you active for the day ahead. After studying abacus for three years, I am now enjoying the benefit of being the fastest pupil in school for performing mental calculations and being good at all the subjects rather than just a couple.  To me, abacus is more than just a tool used for performing mental calculations, it is a tool which overall develops, stimulates and energizes your brain and this is what makes being able to use an abacus such a useful skill throughout your life.

Chatura Saravanan, Year 10 (U C MAS graduate)

Thank you U C MAS for the fantastic results we can see due to the abacus training that Jacob has received for the past 18 months. Jacob has clearly benefited from the training as not only is his mental arithmetic fast and accurate but also his skills in all areas of mathematics are well beyond those expected for his age. Jacob is a year 2 pupil however has been accelerated in his maths class at school and now joins the year 4 maths lessons. He frequently comes top of the class for maths in tests and brings year 5 textbooks home when doing homework. We have found U C MAS to be extremely professional and the teachers dedicated to their students. We will definitely be continuing with U C MAS until the end of the 3 year programme and can’t imagine what Jacob will be able to achieve by then!.

Seongil and Stephanie Yoon