Play Way Method (Learning With a Device - ABACUS) - Easily Understandable (even by a 4 year old child) - Fixed Level Durations to Complete the couse - No Repetition - Only 10-20 Minutes home practice everyday - Structured Syllabus & Course Materials - Assured Improvement - Special Stream for Children Below 6 Year old

Our Gradation exams aim to…

Gives the students an international recognition by providing an opportunity to be certified by worldwide companies such as WAAMA and Zhusuan Association China

What else?
  • Elevate the academic standard of Abacus Reckoning and Mental Arithmetic.
  • The learning of Abacus Reckoning and Mental Arithmetic in order to enhance mental capability.
  • Affirm one’s capability in Abacus Reckoning and Mental Arithmetic to compete in National & International Competition and gain self –confidence.
  • Create an opportunity to be certified by the Zhusuan Association China and to measure the capability of the child to the international standard.
Examination Certificate

The International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic exams are conducted by The Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik U C MAS Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia and the Chinese Zhusuan Association China. The examination question papers are sent by the above associations, which will be conducted in UK by the representative of U C MAS UK LTD. in the respective centers. The answer papers are evaluated in Malaysia and the above associations will issue the certificates in 3 months after the exam.


Gradation Exams are conducted as per the guidelines issued by the Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik U C MAS Sdn.Bhd.Malaysia & Zhusuan Association China in accordance with International standards. Hence the eligibility to take up the exam will be as per the child’s capability.

  •  Students can appear for their completed level or can opt for a lower level.
  • The students can apply for both Abacus and Mental Arithmetic examination or choose to write any one according to their       preference.
  • The students can obtain to write exam for more than one grade.

U C MAS (UK) corporate office reserves the right to make amendments to the Rules and Regulations. Further notice will be issued should there be any changes on this.