Play Way Method (Learning With a Device - ABACUS) - Easily Understandable (even by a 4 year old child) - Fixed Level Durations to Complete the couse - No Repetition - Only 10-20 Minutes home practice everyday - Structured Syllabus & Course Materials - Assured Improvement - Special Stream for Children Below 6 Year old


An extraordinary event in the U C MAS programme, where the students have the opportunity to compete with other students from different U C MAS learning centres all over the country. So far 6 national competitions have been conducted, what’s next?

U C MAS National Competitions are conducted once a year in many countries around the world.  The best performers in the country will be sponsored to participate in the International Abacus Mental arithmetic competition in Malaysia, where children are able to compete with students across the world. The U C MAS competition aims to recognise the excellent achievements of U C MAS students in Mental Arithmetic and to encourage U C MAS students towards reaching higher arithmetic standards.

National competitions give a chance for the students to assess their individual capability in mental arithmetic.  Participants are awarded with trophies and certificates for their performance in the competition.  The competitions are not just about winning or losing, it is about the practice done for the competition will improve the student’s speed and accuracy in arithmetic calculations

U C MAS UK has so far conducted 6 successful national competitions with honourable guests and VIP’s. Every year there is a constant growth in the participants as well as their performance in arithmetic.

Aim of the Competition

Competitions are conducted to improve and develop skills, but more importantly, it is about taking part and learning from each competition. The U C MAS Competitions are conducted every year to develop the quality and strength of mental arithmetic calculation in kids. Our Competitions help every participant not only to improve their mental arithmetic skill but also gives them self-confidence in this competitive world.

The most exciting part of the competition for every child is the price-giving. When a child wins a prize, they are given the apt recognition and cup. This encourages children to perform better in forth-coming competition and keep up their standards.