Play Way Method (Learning With a Device - ABACUS) - Easily Understandable (even by a 4 year old child) - Fixed Level Durations to Complete the couse - No Repetition - Only 10-20 Minutes home practice everyday - Structured Syllabus & Course Materials - Assured Improvement - Special Stream for Children Below 6 Year old

Our Course enhances

From simple numbers to complex mental arithmetic.

Whole brain development: Human brain is made up of two hemispheres, the left and the right. Left brain governs the right limbs and the right brain governs the left limbs. Conversely the action of the limbs also has an influence on the development/function of the brain. Most of the children are taught to use their right hand for writing, eating etc. So the right hand is used more than the left hand which means left brain function is more developed than the right. The learning and practice of the Abacus with twon hands and four fingers helps in the functioning and activation of both the left and the right brain equally enhancing the full potentials of the human brain cells.

Multiple intelligence: Apart from brain development the practice of the Abacus also helps in nurturing and balancing the multiple intelligence of the human brain.